Stop being mean to Yonaga-san!” Tenko says loudly, and Hoshi looks… completely baffled. Ouma shakes his hand to try to stop the pain, before sniffling. Nevermind.” He sighs, grabbing his bag and getting up from his desk. [ a v3/pmmm au ]inconsistent/late updates due to school. Kiibo makes a motion as if to say ‘yeah, listen to her,’ as Ouma slides his chair over, grinning. I wasn’t, I was just-- daydreaming! “I wasn’t aware. “Tenko has to agree with Saihara-san on this one, even if he’s a men ace.” Tenko mumbles, pressing her index fingers together in front of her. “All those girls fawning over you, that must be hard to deal with.”, “Actually, it’s not too hard.” He scratches the back of his head. Basic Information While the bickering was going on, some of the other students were merely minding their own business. as well as With that, Saihara’s expression became even more uncomfortable as Ouma laughs a little and motions to the bizarre boy again. Label “Yeah… I’m assuming God told you that one, Yonaga-san?”, The tanned girl nods excitedly, kicking her legs. “I’d love to stay, but my sisters need me at home. “Ah, I would like some too, Tojo-san!” Kaede chimes in and Tojo pours her a cup of tea as well. “God says that Kiibo’s going to bring up something about witches!” Angie blurts out to change the topic, and Kiibo nods. Amami laughs bashfully. Kiibo’s just got the best notes! “I don’t know how you do it.” Hoshi scoffs, chewing on a candy cigarette. “Ouma-kun’s… strange, but I don’t think he meant to hurt your feelings, Saihara-kun!” Kaede smiles. “I thought it would be nice. Korekiyo had seemed slightly interested in the conversation, but he grabs his things and gets up as well. ” Gonta’s voice rings in their heads, startling Tsumugi a little bit and waking up Himiko. “There’s no real leader in this group, anyways. Angie heard that someone’s been killing teenage girls around this area lately! Tsumugi’s face reddens slightly as she goes to scribble down some notes. osu! “What an odd guy. Does this sound good to you all?”, “Wait-- Don’t exams start next week?” Kaito asks, and the robotic boy replies with a nod. “Oh. We live near each other, and you can sleep on her back, too!” She exclaims, and Himiko just shrugs in reply, mumbling that it’s fine and lifting her arms for Tenko to pick her up after she grabs both of their bags. “I don’t need to study shit, so I’m outta here. “Yeah, he really does… I want Amami-chan to lead us this time, not some dumb robot! “Of course! However, Gonta partially raises his hand, as if he was a student in a class. “ What can I even make a special attack out of with a gun..? Used in... “Alright then. “Angie isn’t good with math, but with God’s help, my advice will help lots!” Tenko seems mildly skeptical, but it appears to go unnoticed by the tanned artist. Tojo merely bows her head and states that she will do her best. “ N-no! I thought Iidabashi-kun wanted you to stay to study..? SHSL_Whore_chan, NayeGrey, halebopp, ruinhistorynerd, bqxie, Hungeronion, Baron_von_Bullsheisse, A_Righter, Anonymous_Archivist, Seavee, ZachPlum, fatiguedfern, RedMageCole, dfriel1996, pekosan, PandaNoko, Pizzacato_N0tes, gonta, Red_CELEBRATION, Princeasimdiya12, DestinyWing, grayimperia, kirukaede, idaate, and DragonCarnation Ooh, or maybe even me!” Ouma huffs, causing Amami to laugh and rub his neck. This song does not have an official video. “If that’s the case, why the hell are we starting tomorrow if we gotta study for exams too? I like reading.” He fidgets with the brim of his hat. It wasn’t bad of course, but it made her… kind of jealous. I’m going to go home…” She yawns again, and Tenko gets up as well. Himiko just yawns and mumbles that she’s low on MP, while Tenko seems to be incredibly flustered by the group. Harukawa’s harsh glare sets on Tenko.

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