Participants can write an essay on any topic related to the field of Law. (Edit: The deadline has been extended to Oct 18, 2020). Contact Person Name: Mr. Varun Kumar, Founder.

Under some special circumstances, Law Audience reserves the right to remove any of the above-mentioned prizes. 1087 (2013), and in chapters by various authors in the RESEARCH HANDBOOK ON INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND CLIMATE CHANGE (Joshua D. Sarnoff ed., Edward Elgar Publ. No other document will be given or provided to the participants. Last Updated : 3 months ago About the Competition. All submissions must follow the Bluebook system of citation 20th edition. Though the info on China's support to its industries for innovating is known for long, does it also indirectly capture that notion that innovation can... }, { Your comment is very beneficial for the future, you have written in a very beautiful way, you have an inspiration for the youth who come to your comment... }, { In 2017 we published an empirical study of Form 27 compliance and the results were not good: Hopefully new rule changes will be implemented clearly to encourage... }, { In view of the pressure by stake holders everything becoming weakening..Act,rules and 99.99 grants ..may be soon or later if abroad granted no need to evaluate again.. Scientific... }, { Even submission made by the controller on behalf of office, IPAB as like other courts mostly refer back to office for natural justice etc..No matter one representated or... }, NLUJ’s Centre for IP Studies Essay Competition [Submit by September 27].
Join Lawctopus Law School, the law school you always wanted, online! Analyzing India and South Africa’s Joint Statement to Waive Key Provisions of TRIPS- Part II. The virtual award ceremony comes up 27th October, 2020.

Invest your precious time in this online competition and win some exciting prizes such as cash prizes and free publications of selected essays in online Law Audience Journal (e-ISSN: 2581-6705).

In a barbie world! Applicants must submit their complete contact information (name & address of school, telephone number, residential and email addresses). The Fourth Edition of the National Essay Writing Competition on Nation and Nationalism, 2020 was organised in collaboration with Indian Lawyers Association, Udhvik Asha Welfare Foundation, and Legal Bites.

6th … The deadline for submission of essays is October 4, 2020 (Edit: The deadline has been extended to Oct 18, 2020).

The last date for the submission of the essay is 11:59 pm, 4th October, 2020.

• Duly filled Declaration Form (available here) must accompany the essay. medianet_width = "728"; The results of the TOP TEN essays of 4th National Essay Writing Competition 2020 are as follows: Certificate of Merit would be awarded to the top ten participants excluding the top three, i.e. I am an army girl!

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Any 4-H Club member who placed first, second or third in previous years of the national competition is NOT eligible to win in 2020, however, state competition winners remain eligible to enter the national competition.

Submissions may be made in .doc/.docx/.odt formats only.

The Registration fee is not refundable. For further details, please read the announcement below. • Submissions are to be made in electronic form only and are to be sent to [email protected]. Google Pay: 8351033361 or UPI ID: varunjaswal.jaswal66@oksbi. AFSA National High School Essay contest is AFSA’s main outreach initiative to high school students. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Using IP to Further Social Justice [October 30-31]. medianet_width = "728"; Name of Institution – Gargi College, University of Delhi. Essays selected for publication in the Law Audience Journal will have to sign a Copyright Agreement with the Law Audience Journal.

medianet_height = "90"; This online competition is open for all law students and for those who are preparing for Judiciary.

Font size- 12 for text, 14 for Headings, 10 for footnotes. Required fields are marked *.

Sometimes I might make punctuation mistakes, but I make up for it by bringing in a crore or two extra. Besides the above-mentioned prizes, 25 essays will be selected for free publication in Vol. Mountain Dew Trademark Battle: David v. Goliath or Misapplication of Prior User Rights?

For any further details or queries, please write to [email protected] or call –, Your email address will not be published. The participants must submit the duly filled registration form via JotForm after paying the Payment; attach the screenshot of the Payment while filling up the registration form. All the write-ups must be plagiarism free (10% to 15% similarity is allowed with proper footnoting). I.

Case Summary Writing Competition by Juscholars, Criminal Law Review Judgment Writing Competition, Article Writing Competition by Yogya-Empowering Society, National Essay Writing Competition by White Black Legal, Corp Comm Legal National Essay Writing Competition, Call for Submissions: The Article 19 Project Blog by University of Calcutta: Rolling Submissions, GLC Mumbai’s 1st National Model Indian Parliamentary Session Jan 18-20; Apply by Jan 8, Lawctopus Online Certificate Course on Contract Drafting and Negotiation [Dec 1-Jan 30]: Register by Nov 14, Lawctopus Online Certificate Course on Legal Research and Writing [Dec 1-Jan 30]: Register by Nov 12, 2nd National Quiz Competition on Consumer Protection Laws by NLUD [Nov 30]: Register by Nov 15, Internship Experience at Advocate Satyajeet Desai, Delhi: Legal Research Work, Attend Court Proceedings {S}, Lex Repository’s 2nd Online Quiz Competition on Constitutional Law [Dec 5-6]: Register by Dec 2. In one team, not more than 2 participants are allowed. Late entries will not be accepted.Applicants must be Senior High School students schooling in Ghana. 2, Issue 1 of Law Audience Journal (e-ISSN: 2581-6705). 6th CIPR National Essay Writing Competition. “It’s free, it’s fun, and the winner gets published in Prime Number … • Only one essay per participant will be permitted.

All essays must be sent as MS Word files through a Google form. A soft copy of the certificate of participation will be emailed to all the participants after the successful declaration of the official result.
Your email address will not be published.

Essays selected for publication in the Law Audience Journal will have to sign a Copyright Agreement with the Law Audience Journal.

Law Audience after successfully conducting online essay writing competitions on World Population Day, Independence Day and Legal Issues, presenting its 4th National Online Essay Writing Competition 2020.


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