All rights reserved. The handlebar allows for four different positions. Thanks to its groundbreaking TPI (transfer port injection) technology, this extreme machine continues to reach new heights, clearly demonstrating KTM's unrelenting commitment to 2-stroke development. Wet, DDS multi-disc clutch, Brembo hydraulics. It is fitted with an integrated fuel pump system and a fuel level sensor. With Euro IV homologation, it's not only considerately green, but leaves the competition green with envy too. The ¼‐turn bayonet filler cap makes for quick and easy closure. The KTM 250 EXC TPI cylinder has a bore of 66,4 mm and is fitted with a sophisticated power valve, which provides really smooth and controllable power characteristics. ktmの新しい2ストエンジンを搭載した、2018年のエンデューロモデル250 exc tpiと300 exc tpiが発表され、写真が公開されています。 排ガス規制をパスする為にfi化された2ストエンジン。 新しいfiのトランスファーポートインジェクション(tpi)を搭載しています。 As found on previous models, filter maintenance is quick and easy and does not require tools - a standard, original feature from KTM. The durable in-mold graphics convey the READY TO RACE character of the KTM EXC model line. The design allows for optimal shaft arrangements close to the center of gravity, resulting in ideal mass centralization and easier ride-ability. This engine design allows the implementation of a lateral balancer shaft in order to keep the vibrations to a minimum. Additionally, all models can be equipped with an optional handlebar map select switch, which allows to select between a standard and advanced power curve. Should the rider decide to mount a radiator fan from the KTM PowerParts program, it will be controlled directly by the EMS without needing to add an additional thermal switch. Pre-mixing 2-stroke fuel is a thing of the past for KTM EXC TPI owners. Although already distinguished for outstanding response and damping characteristics, the fork features a calibrated mid-valve piston for consistent damping. ktm 250 exc sixdays tpi をチョイスされ、主にプロテクター的なパーツを中心に パーツを取り付けました。 先ずは全体の仕上がりの感じです。 サスペンションは基本ノーマルで、前後共にスプリングレートを1ランク柔らかい物に 交換しました。
Last but not least the models allow the use of a more widely available type of traditional spark plug. Oil supplied by the electronically controlled oil pump via an oil intake tube is mixed with the incoming air to lubricate the moving engine parts. Optimal enduro-specific damping progression is achieved by using a second damping piston in combination with a closed cup towards the end of the stroke, and supported by a progressive shock spring. The 2-stroke range is fitted with an oil tank featuring flexible mountings, which greatly improve durability and reliability. エンデューロ界で最強のオフロードマシンの名前をほしいままにしているオーストリアのメーカーktm。その主戦力である250ccの2ストモデル“250exc tpi”が今年からフューエルインジェクション化。バルブがなく、オイルも混合される2ストでそんなことができるのか? ** Manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), the actual sale prices can vary. This clever design employs a diaphragm spring instead of the usual coil springs, making for considerably easier clutch action. The radiators also feature special protectors that don't only serve as protection from flying rocks and debris but also as a brace that disperses energy around the radiators in the event of an impact. The settings keep the front end higher in the stroke, providing impressive reserves against bottoming out. The laterally attached engine head stays (the connection between cylinder, head and frame) are made of aluminum, reducing vibration and further contributing to precise cornering. 着ぶくれ知らず!コンパクトに持ち運べるパッカブルインナーダウンが“シンイチロウアラカワ”から登場!, 四国2店舗目! 10月30日にグランドオープンしたばかりの”高松2りんかん”を詳細レポート!, 【リクルート】ライダーの命を守るヘルメットづくりに携わる仕事をしてみませんか?アライヘルメット正社員募集中, 4層構造で暖かく、だけどスリムなシルエット“MFP-2326 ダブルニーウォームパンツ2”がマックスフリッツから発売, バイク乗りが集い、新しい二輪文化を創造する拠点「kitakaruBASE」が北軽井沢エリアに2021年設立!, 優れたフィット感でストリートからサーキットまでOK!アルパインスターズ“SP-2 V3 LEATHER GLOVE”を紹介, 超軽量で気持ちよく着られて街に溶け込むデザイン “MOTORHEAD RIDERS M-9 ストリートアクトパーカ”, 息苦しさ軽減、無縫製で着け心地抜群“シームレスフレームマスク”がヘンリービギンズから登場!, システムヘルメット特有の重さから解放された高機能モデル!“KABUTO RYUKI”, ライディング機能に防寒性を搭載したミリタリージャケット “MOTORHEAD RIDERS M-1G ロングジャケット”, 七変化することでどんな車種にも対応できる “WINS X-ROAD COMBAT”, 単なるジェットではない拡張が大きな魅力 “WINS G-FORCE SS JET STEALTH”, どんなシーンにも馴染み、どんな天候でも対応する安心の一本 “GOLDWIN GSM23801 GWM ゴアテックスデニムパンツ”, 軽くてタイトで暖かい。クシタニの人気モデルがバージョンアップ!“KUSHITANI K-2809 アニフェスジャケット”, ゴアテックス素材を採用したフルスペックカジュアルジャケット “GOLDWIN GSM22051 GWM ゴアテックスデニムジャケット”. But you can swap them at will. All EXC models are fitted with the latest 48 mm diameter WP XPLOR upside-down forks, featuring a split fork design developed by WP and KTM. The KTM 250 EXC TPI features radiators which are mounted close to the center of gravity and match the design of the shrouds perfectly, in order to achieve perfect ergonomics. All information concerning the scope of supply, appearance, services, dimensions and weights is non-binding and specified with the proviso that errors, for instance in printing, setting and/or typing, may occur; such information is subject to change without notice.

Plus, the engine covers feature a smart surface structure which reduces wear caused by the rider's boots, keeping them looking as fresh as the day you bought your EXC.
The single-component casting process offers low weight, perfect flex behavior and also allows for a large number of geometry solutions. The aluminum spoke nipples feature an innovative design, which conveniently reduces the frequency with which the spokes need to be tightened. The new generation KTM 250 EXC TPI is the ultimate combination of power and rideability and sets a clear benchmark for intuitive handling, unique style and top performance. Thanks to altitude and temperature compensation the rider does not need to worry about fiddling around with the jetting anymore. All KTM EXC models are equipped with the same high-strength aluminum tapered handlebar, made by NEKEN. With an average fuel-to-oil ratio of 1:80, the oil capacity of about 0.7 liters is sufficient for at least five tanks of fuel. This keeps weight lower and reduces the chances of hooking on rocks. The same as can be found on the EXC-F 4-stroke models. In addition, a mesh filter helps prevent dirt getting into the oil pump. The KTM 250 EXC TPI's one-piece aluminum swingarm is manufactured using a gravity die-cast production process, offering exceptional strength at the lowest possible weight. The compact engine cases are manufactured using a high pressure die-cast production process which helps with weight reduction, while retaining strength and durability. It was developed with feedback from factory riders and in hindsight, returns the favor by offering excellent rider feedback. Despite the obvious performance enhancements, the design also offers maximum protection against soiling of the air filter. ktmのエンデューロモデルは2020年機種でチェンジ。そのなかでも目玉なのが、2ストロークの150がキャブから燃料噴射になり生まれ変わったこと。それはどんなバイクなのか、乗った感想をわかりやすく … The wiring harness has most of the electrical components carefully positioned into a common area below the seat, making them more easily accessible and reliable. The engine management system (EMS) of the TPI models features a control unit located below the seat. The idle system allows the idle speed to be set more precisely via the bypass screw. Both can easily be adjusted via the dials on top of both fork tubes with 30 clicks each. The handlebar is adjustable forwards and backwards over 4 positions, so the EXC TPI will fit you like your favorite gloves. For the EFI application the cylinder features two lateral domes which hold the fuel injectors that supply fuel to the rear transfer ports. © 2020 CRETE Co.,Ltd.

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