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I created “Depression Website” because I saw a large percentage of Anglo population has strong depressive problems.

The level of stress in this society, the ups and downs as accelerated economic and social changes have created a volcano ready to explode. Sadly, many people come to erupt and make things really sad and very dangerous.

I found many questions like:

How to control depression?

How to not be depressed?

Why am I so depressed?

In my analysis I noticed that the short thoughts that keep circling in the internal dialogue creates a terrible emotional conflict, coupled with the lack of balance between spirit, soul and body, make this a big internal struggle that drives the best people the terrible drug, alcohol, cigarettes and other terrible acts such as suicide.

I hope these two sites can help change the wrong way of doing away with life and hope of God’s creatures. I also hope that the great power and unique true God from your soul so you can know your true Savior and the author of life.

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Marcela Otero.


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